Hi! Im just writing a message. I was at the SAFE program Feb of 2005. I didnt get to finish it because 1 – I had a VERY BAD Tooth that needed Pulled and 2 – My doctor at that time had me prescribed on the wrong meds that made me fall asleep or pass out. However I still carry on what I learned there. I really Loved the program. I made a Lifelong friennd. I have injured since then, buthardly at all. The urges are hard to fight. Ive been out of ther Hospitals almsot 2 years now.  I get the urges to hurt myself again,. Sometimes ive taken a narcotic pill if i had them. BUt im not giving up the fight. Ive wanted to go back to SAFE and start over and finsih the program this time. my meds have been working well and i got my teeth problem fixed. but I dont know if ill be able to. I will post again! Just wanted to say HEllo to everyone 🙂