Hello, it’s Jade here.  So it’s been over three months now since I left Texas.  Sorry it’s been so long since the last time I posted.  I’ve been waiting on some news, that well, will still have to wait.

What can I say about the last three months?  The last one has been the most eventful so I’ll focus on that.  I am sorry to say I did have a small relapse, but I have picked myself up from it and am going on with life.  Slightly more recently I got a job!  It’s wonderful.  I am a teacher’s aide at the UW Early Childhood Education Center aka the University daycare and I love it!  It’s given me joy like I haven’t felt in probably a decade or more.  It has given me meaning to my day and my life. 

I sat down today and figured out a 10 year plan as well.  I am going to focus on work for the next year and maybe take a class or two then in the fall of ’09 I will for sure go back part-time.  As long as I pase myself and don’t fail anything, I’ll finish in about spring of ’11 with my student teaching.  I am planning on returning to the place I’ve felt the most joy, even though I was so far away from everyone I love…  Australia.  Yep back to the land down under to teach for 3-5 years hopefully, as long as visas and job openings work out…  Then I’m back here, probably to Lincoln, NE to go to grad school… in counseling.  We’ll see how it really all plays out, but that’s the dream.

I’ll try to keep everyone more faithfully updated on things from now on, but we’ll see about that too!