I recently just told my ex-boyfriend about me S.I. although he and i broke up in September, he and i are very close still. when i told him, he wanted to cry and started to blame himself for me self-harming, because i started back up again after he and i broke up. He still blames himself for me self injure. He has his own issues(not self harm related but other not healthy issues) and now that he knows that i S.I, it made things worse for him. Now i feel bad for telling him the truth about me. So now im like super depressed. Then i just found out that he has been having really bad orase and migraines, along with bad out breaks, and sores in his mouth. He told me that his parents are thinking that the orases and headaches and migraines are possibly a brain tomber. When he gets these headaches, his vision gets all messed up where he can’t see. So knowing all this, i try not to injure, but it still leaves me really scared and depressed. Please help!