I am 15 years old. I have been injuring for over a year. At the beginning, one of my frineds noticed and told on me and I got in trouble. The counselor and nurse at school made me strip so they could search my body for injuries. They told me if I would stop they wouldn’t tell my mom. I had a really bad day one day though so I HAD to do it. They found it on me a couple of days later and told me they would have to tell my mom unless I told her first. So I told her which I really didn’t want to do seeing as though we are not close at all.

I told her because I knew she would be madder if the counselor told her. She freaked saying it was because of the antidepressants they had me on and took me to the doctor to have my meds changed. She just couldn’t understand my point of view. My older sister said it was just for attention because she didnt want her attention away form her. I mean my whole life I have been living in her shadow and when she moves away and has her own family she still wants to get into my business. She tries to control me and she makes me feel very weak. She has some of the most rude comments to me and usually I say something mean back to her but it comes back to bite me because I get in trouble.

It just sucks because I have no one that understands me that I trust. I don’t want to go to therapy because the last therapist I had didnt understand si. She just said what i was doing was stupid and I should not do it and to quit. That pissed me off badly so until I quit going to her I was feeding her garbage because after that comment I didnt respect her.

Recently I have been feeling alot more alone in this world. I don’t know what to do. Plus alot of people ,guys mostly, have been making fun of me and when I hear it makes me want to die which they do it right in front of me. I try to ignore them but it doesn’t help.    I can’t even concentrate that much because of it.

I am very much addicted to this.  Where I live I don’t think there are any support groups around although I know lots of people who does it. I think that may be a little of what I need. Plus recently I have been thinking I am bipolar becaus e of the report on bipolar I am doing for school.

 Any comments or advice please reply.