so….whats the point of theripe if you dont say ennyting…the answer is notheing, im so ashaimed of myself that i cant bare to tell ennyone my howl story. the SI is only realy a secret becouse i want to protect my brother and sister. people get thrue theas things without telling all the time, right? most cases arent reported arent thay, so menny people who have it so much worse then i, go everyday without talking about it. i dont know, im so so scared, i havent injured in weeks. at least 3. but i crave all the time. im not ashamed of the injuring i mean i dont realy care so much if people know….but how can i tell this women what happend if i cant even figure out what it was.
heres the question how do u tell some one something…ennyting.
how do you say what you dinide to even yourself for years….
and what happens if thay say exactly what your afraid thay will…. whats in your mind every day, what if she ses… yes your right it was all your falt, you brot this upon your self.

im so afraid that by telling her ill want to injure even more, what if theripe makes me worse insted of better????
im sory for this meaningless jiber jaber but im kinda realy woryd