i found out that my friend was ok. i’m so happy. i guess that overall, i just really need help. i’ve always had problems… i’m 15 and i never had a childhood. my mom got sent to jail when i was 8 and i had to move in with my dad. His wife..otherwise known as my stepmom…is honestly crazy. nothing can please her-ever. so i had to learn ways to stop her from getting into my head with all of her screaming. My way was that i blocked everything out, including pain and emotions. But after a while, her constant screaming got to me. I’m an angry person because of what i’ve had to put up with and i know that so many people dont have homes or are abused, but so was i. My family may not be physical abusers, but they are emotional abusers. Nobody can see the bruises that are all on the inside. Many things can affect how a person sees themselves, and this was one of them for me. Everyone tells me that i’m beautiful, but i dont feel that way. i was always told that i was too much like a boy, too fat, or that i would never amount to anything. i really wanna help people who are in my situation, because i know how much it can affect a person to be constantly put down. Injuring was my escape, but it isnt a good choice.

so if there is anyone that needs help i’m here. my email is Raidergirl842@yahoo.com

write anytime.