I got home from S.A.F.E Texas over a week ago. First of all I want to tell anyone who is considering going that I found it to be much more than I hoped for. The individual and group  therapy was amazing. I realized after time there, that I had never really had therapy before. For the most part the staff was great. They need a bit of work on their nursing staff but the ones that were good were very good. Their safe techs were unbelievingly accepting people. Finally, the phsychiatrists were caring and in my opinion did a great job. I didn’t mean for this to sound like a commercial for SAFE,but compared to places I’ve been …there is no comparison.  I was in a hospital in Cinncinnati before safe and still feel abused and traumatized from their treatment.I actually felt I deserved whatever they did to me after hurting myself the way I did. I had a lot of trouble trusting the people at SAFE, but they were patient and kind, and eventually I was able to open up. Thanks to everyone there.  I feel that you saved my life.