I was involved in the Safe inpatient program when it was young and was in a hospital in Chicago.  I recently had a friend tell me of her being a self injurer and decided to look up the site’s link. My thoughts immediately turning to the help I recieved from it. I’ll always be grateful to Karen and Wendy for founding this program. I learned to feel and express myself in healthy ways. I’m a heavy set woman, but in the three years that followed my discharge from the program I managed to lose nearly 200 pounds, get my diabetes under better control and have stopped injuring etc  in way of  showing my pain. I still need lose weight and the diabetes is a constant thing to be worked on.  I have learned to make healthy choices on food and have learned it’s not so bad to actually feel. It makes me realize I’m alive and not merely existing!

I also thank my friend that self injurers.  It emphized how much I truely needed the Safe Program when I chose to get help.

And Thank you Karen and Wendy. I’m so very glad that the Program has been able to expand and grow!