So i just got back from the SAFE program last night.  My apartment looks different to me.  My surroundings have changed yet stayed the same . . . is this normal?  I feel like the ceilings in here are higher . . . does that make sense?  No impulses yet but I have all my tools handy just in case.  I actually feel this overwhelming sense of hope and joy.  I mean nothings perfect thats for sure.  I still have to work out getting a job again, I have no car cause it broke down before I left for SAFE, im still waiting to get my kids back from their father which will happen tomorrow and basically everything has to be put back together in my life.  But it doesnt feel insurmountable.  It doesnt feel as difficult as it all once felt. 
I learned so much from the SAFE program and the people there, the staff and therapists and peers, were all just wonderful supports.  I was kind of sad to go but happy to leave.  So here I am . . . back in RI.  With all sorts of stuff that needs doing.  Thank you to everyone at SAFE.  I’ll be around . . . Fell free to say hello.