So here’s some things I’ve done to try to stop injuring…. btw, I have told people (teachers, parents, friends) so people know now and I know I need to stop. I have tried just listening to a sad song and crying, letting out my feelings with the tears. That makes me feel calmer. Also, I do yoga every night before bed, concentrating on my breathing and not thinking about anything else. I listen to “Rose” by James Horner from the Titanic movie while I do yoga. It is very calming I think. Anyway, when I am angry I bury my head into a pillow and cry if I want to. I will let it out on things like pillows instead of hurting myself and/or others. I also talk to my teachers, not necessarily about injuring or problems but just about anything, and they tell me about themselves as well. It is just nice to talk to people, and I like to have someone I can be open with. Hope this helps you…. 🙂