…well i started injuring last year, and its been a really hard struggle for me ever since.

i’m a sophomore in high school, and as a freshman, i was made fun of constantly, which made me feel bad enough, but then i would come home and get yelled at for my grades dropping. i felt like i didnt want to go to school. The first time i tried it i was amazed at how good i felt after i had done it…it was almost like i was high off of the pain. I had never self injured myself before this, and i never thought it would go as far as it did.

I injured myself all throughout the year, and when i got nervous about anyone seeing my injuries, i would just injure somewhere else.  Now i’m left with the scars, and they aren’t something i’m proud of.

Now, i’ve been trying really hard not to injure because i know how much it can affect your life, but at times when i’m really stressed i just want to because i know that i would feel so much better. Noone knows the true story of why i injure and i dont think that i want anyone to know. i dont believe that anyone would understand my reasons for it, because sometimes it doesnt even make sense to me.

Overall, i think that after all of this, i am a stronger person but there sre still weak points. i think that society looks at people who injure all wrong-like ALL of the people who do it, did it so that they could get attention. I really hate when people injure and then show everyone, because that just shows that they did it for attention, and for the people who did it for ACTUAL reasons, it isnt fair for them to put that stereotype up. Also, i think that society puts too much pressure on everyone to be perfect. 

is there anyone who feels the way i feel? i need advice.