ok so a new thing im saposto do is keep a jornal of when the earges hit this is for theripy i was told it is to develop a loging so i can see if there is an avoidable pattern, i havent started yet, but i alredy feel rediculis, its allso saposto say what i did insted…. i wonder what she will do if it ses 5th period math class, gave in to earge, injured,  i alredy feel rediculis with something like a … siting in 1st period physiscs class erge hit, took notes insted, i sapose im saposto take it evry where with me…. iv disided not to poot my name in it, atleast this way if i leave it some where i can preted like its not mine, alltho with my spelling the likelyhood of enny one who knows me not knowing its myin right away is slim to none, perhaps  a back pack with my name on the inside will keep the finder from reading the contents…. i dont know how this is going to work, i feel so rediculus about the hole thing…. im just sharing my uderly rediculus sichuation coment if u wish