i don’t know what to do. i injured. just enough so that it hurts until i can’t stand it. my mom just yells and yells and tells me how i’m a horrible person and i’m so selfish and mean to everyone. she just gets me so upset, and i start to believe her. i guess i agree with my mom, and i deserve this. I have little scars, and its getting so bad that im starting to have to hide them for the first time ever. i’ve injured for about 2 or 3 years but never as much as i have in the past few months. i told my mom after the second or third time i did it, years ago, but she told me to stop being dramatic. she didn’t even care. but then she said she was going to call people to “get me help”, but i know she was just bluffing so that i would stop complaining. she thinks i’ve stopped though, which i definately haven’t. it’s only gotten worse. i feel like i need to tell somebody, but i just can’t bring myself to do it. i don’t want everyone to make a big deal. i wish i could stop, but i’m actually starting to like the scars, which is scaring me. i feel like i’m crazy; this doesn’t even feel real. it’s like i’m watching a movie.

thoughts? much appreciated.

i’m just really upset right now.