Hey Everyone! Its been a long time since i last posted on here!  You might remember me as Emily from the post called “My Reasons” Im 13 years old and i just wanted you all to know that i have stopped injuring and i havent injured for over a month!  Thank you all sooo much for helping me and leaving your comments and thoughts for me to think about. It really helped me!  I am doing better in school, all A’s and B’s!  My parents are very happy with me as i am with myself!  I have been getting into less fights with them and that is really helping me out around the house.  I still dont see my brother much because he is still with that girl, but everytime i do see him i try to show him how much i appreciate everything he does for me and i try to show him how much i really love him.  I almost started injuring again a couple weeks ago, my boyfriend was cheating on me with one of my best friends.  I cried, but then i relised he’s just a guy and im only 13 and i have the rest of my life to find someone, and obveously, he will NEVER be the one. haha.  But yea, thank you all again, soooo much! I really needed this!  Love you all!  ~Emma~