After school yesterday, I broke down. I knew that spring break wasn’t going to be better, it would be worse. I didn’t know what telling people was going to do, but I figured it would open someone’s eyes – I’m not that perfect girl everyone thinks I am. I have problems I can’t deal with. They needed to understand that. I read all those posts from people who told… it didn’t seem to be so bad. I couldn’t hold it all inside anymore. I went with my friend (who also injures) and I told my History teacher. We told him we injure, and I showed him my arm. You should have seen his face…… so disappointed, so bewildered/surprised that I of all people would do that to myself. It made injuring seem so stupid. My mom called me, and since I was crying, she came to the school right away to make sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid. She walked in on me and my friend talking to our teacher… she wanted to know what I did, why I did it. She was so angry. I felt so awful, like telling wasn’t going to fix anything. She yelled at me, and I had to walk out of the school crying, my teacher staring after me. Later, my mom was more sympathetic, telling me she only wished that I could come to her, that I could tell her my problems, that we could have a relationship. I realized that she had a right to be angry at first — she didn’t know how to react. She felt it was all her fault, she was a bad mother. True, some of it was her fault i guess, but I chose to harm myself, and now I realize that that was not the best choice. I thank my teacher for helping me…. for understanding. Telling, just letting it out, felt so great – a great weight came off of me, and now I can start over with my parents, and have hopefully a better life. I’m very glad I told someone… I was so afraid, but it turned out all right in the end. I would encourage anyone to tell. I know you are scared- so was I. I was soooo scared, especially when my mom came. But i know that I couldn’t take it anymore, being alone was too much to handle. having someone knowing is a lot better, now I can have someone to talk to and not be afraid anymore. Thank you guys so much for being there for me, and helping me through everything. I will check back and comment on posts a lot ok? I love you guys. thanks a lot.