I have had a lot of feelings about self-harm, but the thing that has stopped me is that I am scared to death of t he consequences that follows. And the other reason why is because I am afraid that my Aunt will abandon me, I really don’t injure. Not as much as I used to, but that urge is still there. And it seems like every time i bring it up to my Aunt or my therapist it sounds like to them that i am doing it for attention or doing it because I am bored which is not the case. They don’t understand that i struggle with this every single day and a lot of the times it is harder then others. And my Aunt doesn’t think I will ever, ever do it. But like I said I have come pretty close to doing it, and the other thing that has stopped me is the consequences and me being afraid of my Aunt abandoing me and my therapist thinking I am doing it for attention!!!

I have no clue what to do!

Please give me some advice!

Thank you,

Elizabeth K.