Today is the last day before spring break… a whole week of nothing but parents and chores and HOME. I don’t want to go… I love school (I know that sounds crazy but there is a lot less stress/yelling here) and I would rather be here than at home. My dad wont speak to me and my mother doesn’t want to be the ‘interferer’. I hate that. She is angry at my biological grandmother (I was adopted) for not doing anything when my brother and I were being abused (sexually and physically, probably mentally considering the problems I have now…) but my mother (now) didn’t do anything when my dad was beating up my brother in our own house! How hypocritical is that?! but I can’t tell her that, I can’t tell her anything for fear of her blowing up on me… then i would probably tell her about my injuring, which would make a whole other bunch of problems. I don’t know what to do… she tells me she wants me to talk to her, but also to get along with my dad, neither of which I can do. My dad refuses to acknowledge that I exist, and my mother …. I can’t explain any of my feelings without bringing up the injuring issue… what am i supposed to do???