All my parents ever do is yell at me and tell me how bad i am at everything. they yell at me because my chores are done poorly because i have so much homework, so when i do my chores to there standerds, my grades slip!! then they yell at me for that!!!!! i can never seem to do anything right! they tell me im a mistake, im usless, and how much better their lives would b without me in it. and the only two people in my life that dont think that is my best friend and then the other is a guy that ive known since i was in 6th grade but is now mad at me because of my parents! it seems in one way or another nothing ever goes right….plus its my best friends birthday next monday and i was planing to give her her birthday present before spring break so i was going to give it to her tomorrow, so i wrapped it and had everything perfect, and my parents broke what i got her and ruined everything!!!!! so i got so made and injured agian…everytime it seems that the reason why i want to injure is because of my parents….they always want to ruin everything. they say theres no such thing as friends and in the end ull never see them again or they will stab you in the back, well if thats true, then y have her and i been friends since i was in the 7th grade??? all through middle and more then half way through high school her and i have been friends. plus my best guy friend and i have been friends longer then her and i have, so isnt that wrong that ull never have real friends???

Why is everything so “cliquey” you have to be a certain way in order to b liked. y? why cant people like you for the way tyou are instead of being the person next to you. apparently Im to wierd/crazy/pyscho/hyper(not really just like to make things fun and make wierd moments not so wierd so i make them fun or funny)/and everything in between. i hate being like the person standing next to me. everyone is the same so y be like them??

all these things just influences me more and more to injure. what can i do to help that feeling?