i started injuring in the fifth grade after moving to a new area were i got beat up all the time because i didnt want to do drugs. I saw injuring as a way out. A couple years later, when i was going into the seventh grade, my parents had me switch schools again but this time to a private catholic school. Well, that didn’t go over very well. I had one true friend there and to this day she still is my best friend. but her and i are going through the self harm thing together. but me home life is so bad that i just cant stop. Between my parents, the so called “friends”, and the people that do things just to put you over the edge, i just cant stop anymore. I used to only injure on my arms, but know since me parents have seen my arms, i started injuring on the back of my legs and stomach. but no matter how hard i try i cant stop and it seems that the only person that understands me is my best friend who is pretty much my sister, and my parents forbid me to see her. everyone thinks im crazy, and depressed, and everyone thinking that makes me depressed! why can’t we make people love yus the way we love them??? i mean a girl that i go to school with went up in front of my whole biology class and told everyone that i was a lezbian….which im not. not that i have anything against lezbians, i dont, it doesnt matter if you are gay straight bi whatever, but now everyone inclueding every guy in school thinks that. i get notes shoved in my locker and comments that just make me wanna quit life all together.