I injure all the time…. whenever I’m angry at my parents or at life or just depressed. My parents don’t care about me – they only have me do chores and yell at me. My brother joined the army, and he moved away to South Carolina. I miss him, but I don’t want him to come home. My dad beats him up, but I’m the only one who’s seen him. Every time he walks by me I’m afraid, like he’s coming for me next. Also, my parents expect me to get A’s all the time… I’m afraid now because I got a C+ in math. I hardly ever do my homework because I’m always crying in my room, injuring, trying to calm down. I’m sooo emotionally stressed; I can’t take it anymore… my friends all come to me with their problems and I can’t help them I have my own to deal with. One of my friends injures too… I can’t stop her because I do it too and she knows that. People at school make fun of me, and the way I dress. My parents don’t let me go to any school functions, and my mom tells me I’m fat all the time. I feel so rejected. My injures stand out, but I don’t even wear long sleeves anymore. I don’t care anymore. If someone sees them, great. It doesn’t matter anymore. Sure, my parents will be disappointed, but I am disappointed in them. I’m afraid for my little sister too. I was adopted, so it would be weird to have to go to another foster home. I can’t leave, I can’t commit suicide, I have to stay and suffer every day, so I injure. It makes me feel better somehow, like I’m hurting them, everyone who criticizes, rejects me. I tell myself it is their fault –  look what happened. I don’t know, don’t care anymore. My birthday is coming up but I wish I didn’t have one… I get maybe one present and my dad won’t show up. He doesn’t care about any of us – always  yelling at my mom and I and my brother, when my brother calls my dad “disappears” somewhere. I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!