hello to all,

I am proud to announce that I have not injured since the middle of February. It used to be at least twice a week. Every time I get the urge to injure I just ask myself, “Do you really want ANOTHER nasty scar on your body that will prevent you from going swimming this summer? Do you really want to wear long sleeves when it is 90 degrees outside? Do you honestly want to make sure your shirt never rides up? Do you really want to keep your left arm glued against your side all the time? Do you want to not be able to roll up your sleeves when you wash your hands in public? Do you really want to run the risk of your mother finding your tools under your mattress when she is making your bed? Do you really want to run the risk of someone catching a glimpse of those darkened and raised scars? Do you want to have an intervention? Do you want your parents to think that you’re a mental case?” The answer to these questions is always “no”. Next time you get the urge to injure, just ask yourself these questions. I guarantee it’ll help fight the urge. As someone told me some time ago, the urge only lasts about 3 minutes. If you can last three minutes then you will be free from these terrible disease.

Good luck to all of you,

xoxo Saraphina