Alright, with the drama I already have in my life with the injuring and anorexia, today the worst that could happen .. happened. I was in my Science class and a girl saw my injuries when i fixed my jacket, and she SCREAMED it out loud. All of my friends, and pitty friends all came over to me and just called me weird and a freak and now they are not talking to me, I tried calling them and  everything.

I can’t believe that happened .. All in the radius of around 30 seconds too. And then to make it even worse, my favorite friend Catarina .. came over to me and asked me why I did it. I stuttered and couldn’t think of anything to say. I just said “It’s O.K. you just don’t understand why I do the things that I do.” and then I just put my head down for the rest of my classes. rest of my classes = 7 hours long.

Also it’s not like I went and said Hey look I injured myself!!! Catarina asked to see and I refused. She grabbed me, and yanked my sleeve down and saw, and she just stared at me.

I don’t know what to do! I am not sure what to say either.