Tonight is going to be a long one. But I can say that I didn’t S.I. early. I got up and and went to the doctor early than what my appointment was for. But tonight I have the a sharp right next to me and I’m  ready to S.I.. I  have been listening to all of the responds but like I say my mood swing change from one thing to the next and right now they are in the S.I. mood. I’m so sick right know and i just want to crawl up in bed and go to sleep but i feel like i have to S.I. first to get relax. I need help so bad it’s not funny. I know every-time i S.I. it’s a choice i make but if i felt like i had some kind of control over this matter i will not S.I. If it was something i can do on my own i would not need to be on this site. But that’s not the case Please tell me some other ways that can relax me with pain that will not harm me in anyway, but that I still can be safe