Many people will tell you to tell someone, especially your parents so that they can help you. Many of you may disagree with me, I don’t suggest that you do this. Once again, it is the whole control factor. Injuring is a personal issue. It is a result from internal problems. If you tell your parents they will freak out and furiously try to find a solution for you.  Once again, you will feel vulnerable because they will be so concerned for you. This is not solving the issue. It is merely making it bigger. You need to do this on your own. Injuring is caused from your own mind. Therefore, your own mind needs to fix the problem. No one else can do that for you. Telling your parents makes it a bigger issue than it actually is. They will freak out. This is not a healthy environment for you. You do not have to listen to me, but it is just a suggestion from personal experiences.