Today was an ok day. I went to church and I had a wonderful morning, but later that day something happen and I was so upset that all I wanted to do was go home a start injuring to release my pain. Then I thought about just running away and never look back. I feel no one is going to miss me anyway because i’m invisible anyway to them till they need something. I feel like i don’t want to be here anymore. The pain i feel is unbearable and I just can’t stop crying I can’t stop SI. I’m a diabetic and can set up an infection but who cares. I have injuries and they look infected . I’m afraid to go to the doctor because I have to explain myself and I’m afraid because know one really know how hurt I feel deep down in side.I on this site because I really need some help because I have two girls that I know I need to be here for but when my emotion take over they take over. please help me!