Hi, I’m 15 and have injured twice I know that it doesn’t sound like a lot but the times I have thought about injured are far far more. I have 3 best friends but I don’t let myself get to close to them in fear of being hurt. I hate it when were with a big group and everyone has someone to talk to but I don’t so there I am standing or sitting or whatever drift sometimes to what I hope my future will be. Finding the perfect guy who loves me for me will understand injuring and will be my best friend and truly my best. My one friend (one of my best) can talk to a guy who’s hurt her many times and tells him things that she doesn’t tell us. I’m not a jealous person but maybe if she told me her secrets I could tell mine. Because I’m to let our that I’m an injurer but I’m also even more acrid of rejection, hatred, it getting out to EVERYONE plus my family!!!!! I was hugged by my cousin on Saturday she trusts me to watch her son (which is a big thing because she likes to always be with him- she’s not overprotective) and I never wanted to let go because I felt wanted and I wanted to break down in tears and let it all out. I need to tell someone but I can’t tell my parents because mom emotionally and verbally abuses me. Plus it would get around my whole family which I can’t have. I wanna tell a friend but how do I know if I can trust them? How do I know I won’t be rejected? How do I break down my walls and let them in? How do I overcome depression? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!