Yesterday marked 8 months I have remained safe, I have come to believe that the alternatives I have and did learn have increasingly become priceless. I have moved to Arizona as of the first of the year, and have found (without having to look farther than a previous provider and agency) that recovery is a continuous process and is achievable if you work at it.

It has been said by my new providers (who actually know about the program) anyone has attended, can follow the SAFE Alternatives staff recommendations outlined not only in the book “Bodily Harm”, but also can stay safe in the real world if they work at it.

Diagnoses come and go, so do meds.. I am finally on a minimal amount of meds and NO anxiety meds! That is something that I thought was completely unattainable.

I will say this and I believed before and still today, If anybody wants something bad enough… and works diligently for it,  They shall eventually get it.

I am very thankful for the fact the program exists, and even more so today the fact exists that I am still working on and making progress in my recovery. 

Thank you