I haven’t injured for a couple weeks, which is kind of a long time for me. I have felt the urge to, but nothing seemed to upset me enough to actually do it. I’m not sure if my so-called “depression” is getting better or just if nothing has upset me enough. Not injuring is making me want to SI more. I feel weird not SI. Over the past few months, SI turned into a ritual for me. I would SI once, twice, or three times a week every week. But now, I am just waiting for something to upset me so I can SI.  I need something to make me SI. But nothing bad is happening so I feel like i have no excuse to SI. But I really need to. i just feel weird without doing it. As strange as it is, I’m pretty much praying for something bad to happen just so I have an excuse to SI. How do I get rid of this feeling??