just a little encouragement for you all: on february 12th i celebrated my one year anniversary free from self-injury! “recovery is possible”  i won’t sugar-coat it and say that it has been easy or that there aren’t weeks where it doesn’t haunt me… to disregard that would be an invalidation of self, but i will say that through the caring words and listening ears of others i have made it through this year. often it was by setting a small goal, like make it through this minute, or this day. keeping the long term goal of an injury free life in mind, where i wouldn’t make up stories for whatever new injury to my body, or my obsessive thoughts wouldn’t dominate to the point of complete distraction held me fast through those interminable seconds. the goal of freedom and honesty being my motivator. i hope that you find the strength and courage to make it through this moment, this day until that day when you can write a one year statement/ a lifetime ago statement!  PEACE