Hey everyone,

MY name is colleen and I am 20 years old.  I was emotionally abused by my famiy growing up and molested by three different guys.  I used to injure myself and stopped about two years ago.  Now I just injure in milder ways.  I see help from my counselor she suggested I talk on here.  I just dont understand you know? I have a great boyfriend of two years and life is pretty stressful from college and being at home.  I promised my boyfriend a while ago that I wouldnt hurt myself ever again because he finds it repulsive. But every once in a while when I talk about my past or something I just want to feel pain on the outside. Today I saw my first molester at the gym and he came up and said hi to me as if no big deal.  I dont want to do this any more please someone give me advice on how they got over doing it. Or what I should do about it