I’ve been self mutilating since around7th or 8th grade. I am now a sophomore in high school. I have absolutely nothing wrong with my life.  I have friends and a great family. I get good grades, take piano lessons, and I am in speech and debate. This is why I don’t understand why I injure. I feel like there must be something wrong with my brain. I really would like to stop. I cannot even change my clothes in front of my friends or walk around my house with short sleeves. And now that summer is coming up, I will not even be able to go swimming.  I don’t want to stop, but I know that I need to. It is preventing me from doing the things that I could once do. I can’t go to a therapist because I can’t tell my parents. Obviously, I need help. But there is no way of getting it without my family knowing. Can I stop this on my own, or do I need to see a professional (which is not an option)?