okay so i guess this thing is to help people who SI and whatnot.im having issues and could use some help and advice.im 17 almost 18.umm…dont call me “emo” i dont care if thats what you think about me.I’ve tried to stop injuring but then i get stressed out and thats the first thing that pops into my head.there is always something that triggers my urge to injure and that is men.not all men but these 3 guys.Josh,Kyle,and CJ.CJ and I dated on and off for like 2 or 3 years.He cheated on me and every time somebody says something about him I just want to hurt myself. Then you have Josh.Normally he keeps me from injuring but then I start thinking about the things that we went threw together and how he just called me up one night and said its over. I want to hurt myself. Then you have Kyle.I’ve liked Kyle for about a year or so.He said that I had to prove to him that I wanted him and I have.Then the other day we got into a HUGE fight and I just reached into my purse and pulled out my tool and hurt myself.  I need help.I know I do.And its not just one tool I use.It’s anything that I can hurt myself with…. I completely forget the reason I injure in the first place.I know you guys probably think I’m some kind of freak.But if anybody has anything that they can tell me that will help please tell.im open for suggestions.