its never to late to try over, its never to late to get a new start, its never to late to try again. its never to late to ask someone for help, its never to late to help someone, its never to late for anything. if you want to achieve it then you better put your mind to it. it wont be easy, it will be very harder. it will probably be the hardest thing to go through, but you have to learn that nothing in life is easy. if you want something you have to fight for it. no one else can help you but yourself.

i have been an injurer for 2 years now, i have been hurting myself in some way for 4 years now. i started at a younge age. and when you start anything that you can get addicted to, its always harder to stop as you get older. because you have been doing it for so long that you get use to it. it becomes an addiction like durgs, alcohol, or food. but just like all of those things, you can stop it. with the right treatment, help, support, and people. nothing is impossible. no matter what people say, you can achieve almost anything as as long as you put your mind to it.

theres a thing that you have and its called strength. you have control of what you do to your body and how you treat it, nobody else. if you want to stop then you are doing something good for yourself right there. everytime you walk into therapy or walk into a meeting trying to help yourself, then that is strength right there. you do stuff that shows strength everyday, you just dont realize it because some people dont want to. some people think that injurers are selfish, they dont even know how hard it is to deal with. you have the strength to stand up for yourself and others who have to deal with the teasing and the rumors. when you have depression or anything  else that makes you have problems, you have huge strength just by getting up and out of bed in the morning,

NEVER GIVE UP because nothing is worth taking your life!!