dont say im not in love, dont say its just puppy love, dont tell me i dont know what love is. i know what love is more than anybody that i know, other than my parents and people like that. you dont know who i am or how i feel, so how would you know how i feel or what i do or anything like that. yeah im young, so what.  dont sit here and tell me that im going to get better because its just fake and i dont really love him because i didnt really love him, then trust me. i would be freakin over him by now. why would someone my age thats not in love wait this long for someone? why would someone my age thats not in love go through all this hurt? why would someone my age whos not in love take a risk like i did in trying to get him back? why would someone my age whos not in love waste there time? why would someone my age go through all this hurt and then ask to go through is again just because you want to hear him say i love you? tell me these answers. becuase honestly, you couldnt think of a reason and even if you did i would over come it with an answer that is better than yours. i have heard every excuss in the book and have come up with a better answer than they gave me. i dont want to be helped because i have given up on myself. i want to stop this hurt and my depression but if you dont believe in yourself, then who will? so dont tell me how i feel because you have no idea how i feel. i bet i feel worse then some people twice my age. and i could name a couple of people that i know right now. so dont give me that stuff about me being in love or not because i am the only person that knows everything what has happened to me.