Hi everybody. I am new to this. Well first i will start by introducing myself. My name is Emily, And i am 13 years old. I recently started injuring myself whenever i would get mad or depressed. I am going through a lot right now and times are hard. I am a diabetic i have been for 2 years. That is part of the reason of why i am getting so mad… i am tired of taking shots day by day, it gets really tiring.  Also, one of the worse things out there but occurs the most is “gossip” between all the kids and teens at school.  What i thought to be one of my “good friends” just happend to be the one starting rumors about me at school. There was an 8th grade girl and i told my friend that she was pretty but that was all. In about no less than a week, people were looking at me weird and i didnt know what the reason for that was. Well turns out my friend told everyone that i was a *flat out lesbein* not true at all!!!! Rumors are very hurtful and sometimes the ones that you have held close are the ones that keep hurting you. Next, My brother means the world to me and he has a girlfriend that he deeply cares about and really loves. I miss him like crazy and i try to tell him that but he doesnt believe me. The other day i was talking to my mom about it and all i could do was cry. I miss him so much, i barly see him anymore.  All people around me know me as the “Emo chick” well, people just lable people to fit in that is how i look at it.  I usually write songs to get my feelings out but sometimes thats not enough. All around school i didnt relise i was the one hurting my friends also. They would see me SI, so they would start injuring also.  I hate the thought that i am doing that to them… so once again i would take it out on myself, When the solution should have been stopping and telling my friends to stop the moment they started instead of letting the ones i love continue to hurt themselves because of MY stupid mistakes. I want to stop. And there seems to be no other solution but to injure myself when i am angry, but i am going to find one and face this. I will do it for the ones i love and the ones who love me! Thanks for reading my story. ~Emily