i dont know who all out there are boys and who are girls, but what i have noticed is that guys like to take advantage of girls a lot. i know this because i have lived through it and i know many people who have also lived through it. it really sucks to wake up everyday knowing that the guy that use to be your baby is now holding some other girl in his arms. it hurts, it sucks, its hard to live with, and it makes me want to die. i have been going through this now for 15 months. yes i know, he broke up with me 15 months ago then why am i still hanging over him like this. well, its because i loved him. i dont care what any of you all say. you all have no clue how hard it is to live with myself. he was my first love. and i think that if i didnt love him that i wouldnt still be waiting for him. i told him that i would always wait for him and i meant it.  he put me through a lot. but i still love him, thats love right there. me n him met in the summer of 2006. we got together on june 26,2006 we broke up october 17,2006. we only went out for 3 months and 3 weeks, but it seemed like forever to me. me and him had our good times and our bad times, but i never thought that it would end the way it did. he broke my heart and left it there to rot. i hate this. me n him tried to be “friends” for a while. we still talked everyday and he still told me he loved me, even though he had a girlfriend. it was hard for me to talk to him because what he did still hurt. it ended out that he cheated on me everyday with one of his ex girlfriends and many other girls. he just couldnt remember every single one of them. he just stayed with me because he knew how much i loved him and he wanted to get in my pants. but still after all of that, i still talked to him. he played with my emotions and pretended like he cared forever. one day he called me and told me what he “did” with some chicks at a party, he was going out with the girl he broke up with me for ((he cheated, again)), and i tried to kill myself. he called me and told me that he didnt want me to die. that if i died me and him would never go back out, well that got me.  i hate love him. i wish that i could hate him. after that night my mom called his mom and told her to tell him never to call me again, yeah right he didnt listen. i swar, i think he wanted to ruin my life. well, it didnt matter because 3 days after that night my mom took me to ten broeck mental hospital. i was there for like 3 months, i got out right before christmas. it turned out he was going out with someone else. he lied to me and a lot of other people. he finally got what he deserved. she cheated on him 7 out of the 8 months they went out. with his best friend, who was her ex also. but they are still going on and off and she always cheats on him. she has never been faithful to him. i dont get it. i wish he did.