ok well, my name is shelby.

i’m 15.

i have been injuring for about 3 years and i dont WANT to stop, but i know that i NEED to stop.

I’ve hurt myself a lot.

I want to get help but I’m scared.

my mom found out once

and told me if she ever saw another injury on me she would send me away.

yeah great way of comforting me huh?


but i can see how she would be mad.

but i never told her that SHE is part of the reason why i do it.

i SI when I’m stressed and mad.

it sounds sick, but i like SI.

i like the way it feels and the way the injuries look before they scar.

i dunno.

i have only told 2 people that i SI.

and i promised one of them that i stopped.

all the other people just think i USED to SI and that i dont anymore.


well i’m out.

peace out homie g fresh like cheese