I’m new here and this is my story. My name is Liz and i have been dealing with cutting for the past five and a half years. The last two years i have been trying to conquer this battle. At times it gets really hard and other times i have no problem with it. My self injury cames from my depression and from being sexually abused as a young girl. I have a counselor but dont get to see her that often. My boyfriend has been very supportive and encouraging through this time. My parents dont understand self injury and i get yelled at when they find out and tell me to just go back to the counselor. That isnt always the answer for me sometimes i need something more or different. I hate living with this everyday i see my scars and i know they wont go away but that i something i have to deal with. I have been looking for a site like this and have hust recently found it i am happy to know there was something out there  for self injurers. I am apart of another forum and they are very good to me there i was hoping to find the same support and advice here. Thanks for reading my post.