For every person that S.I. there usually are family memember(s) who needs support too. As many of you know groups for S.I are far and few, and groups for friends and families, run only on Blue Moons……If anyone knows of an online group for F&F let me know, and if I can help get a group going here, let me know how I can be of service.  If this is a go, what do you want to name your group?…. Not to be left out,  I am also extending this invitation to the S.I. Lets get a group going for you all too.  Start thinking of a name. …….Lastly, as I mentioned in my very “first blog” I am new to this form of communication, so please bare with me as I crawl my way through learning this new language. I do read the posts daily, but for the life of me I am still rather clueless with the nuts and bolts side of blogging, but I am here for you all……Karen