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they feel when we dont…

Posted by G1_J4ne on February 21st, 2012

Yesterday i came to a conclusion that the people who love us and try and control or help us feel when we feel nothing at all. They are all so defensive when it comes to our SI but ultimately maybe they are saying we love you and when you hurt yourself you hurt us too. Maybe its a bit cliche but it made sense to me on the way home from work (thanks to weallhavesecrets :) ). I am so tired of people around me who mean something to me not understanding but at the same time im not trying to understand their side either. Should i be putting energy to finding out what they feeling and what their take is on it? Even if their opinion is one sided and insensitive?Or maybe im just feeling guilty for bringing my bofriend down for wanting to leave me if i SI again. ?Funny how the topic of him always comes up and not the rest of my family. And that is bcz they dnt knw i still SI but he thinks i stopped…thinks being the opperative word since im fighting my own inner demons still.

All im saying is that at the end of the day its ok for us to be fake and make them happy, but when we cannot hide it anymore and they find out about our SI it hurts them more than it hurt us before. Think of it as a dissapointment really. If your friend hid something from you for so long and then you found out your own way that she was lying how would you feel. Suppose something tickled my sympathy bone yesterday afternoon.

Dont get used to the random conclusions just yet, i was being considerate for a moment and just thought maybe we should give them a break for a change as well as a chance while they do the same for us. after all they affect us just like we affect them.

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  1. February 21st, 2012
    weallhavesecrets said:

    Howdy lol aww thanks for that.
    Ok so heres what ive been learning for a couple of days. In order for somone to fully understand our sutuation you have to teach them. Teach them to understand this situation and how they can help you. You dont want him to leave you shouldt feel guilty about that i think you putting more effort in to try and understand y he doest understand than hes putting in to understand you.
    Its not ok to pretend at all but to give them peace i guess its ok.your right though it does hurt when you find somthing out thats been kept secret for a long time. But then again some secrets are best unspoken.

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