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In response to "Self Injury:  A Manual for School Professionals"

Message: THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  I have finally found some guidance as to how to help my students in the public school who are  self-injuring.  I have read, researched, and taken classes on how to help these children - and with the tools I have had, I have not seen enough progress with these teens.  After reading your book, Bodily Harm, I finally feel like I have found a philosophy that will work  for me.  As a school counselor, I always refer these "difficult" cases out, but in a low income district, the students always are  back with me... either because the parents are just more comfortable with me, or they do not have to resources to take their children  elsewhere.  I will try my best to get it approved in our budget to buy the school workbook and forms come September 1st.  Thank you for  your help in remembering that school counselors need guidance and training in this area too.
Kimberley Hudson, Rogers ISD, Rogers, TX

"PURE GOLD"....."As the world-wide incidence of self-injury rises to epidemic proportions, educators are looking for resources that will help them identify and assist children who engage in these behaviors.  Until now, few of these resources existed.  However, through the tireless efforts of S.A.F.E. ALTERNATIVES® (co-founded by Karen Conterio and Wendy Lader, Ph.D., M.Ed.) educators now have a manual that will walk them through the step-by-step process of identifying and assisting children who may be self-injuring.  Students now have a guided workbook that will allow them to reflect on stressors, sources of conflict and alternative means of communication.  These materials are the first of their kind, and I am confident they will prove to be a tremendous asset to any program that serves children."
Vanessa Vega, 11th grade English Teacher, Author "Comes the Darkness, Comes the Light", Silver Winner, 2008 Nautilus Book Award.

"I just received the Self-Injury:  Manual for School Professionals and it is great!  I am an MFT-Intern working in CA seeing adolescents and children many of whom are using self-injury as their main coping mechanism.  I have been working with some of the schools in this area and they have asked for resources on self-injury.  I have always recommended your website and am now excited to see that you have resources for the schools and this great manual. Thank you for all you do for self-injurers."

"I work in the mental health field.  My clients are children. Currently I do not have any self-abusive clients but I believe SA is more frequent than commonly believed. I would hope that when the time comes, I can turn to you/your website for advice.  There are not many experts to turn to in your field.  My clients are often Spanish speaking which further narrows the field. Your website was very helpful in graduate studies. Thanks!"

"Thank you for the information.  I have already sent in a P.O. for the products.  I also forwarded the information to the Elementary and High School Counselors so they can order as well.  Thanks for providing excellent resources to help us be proactive in meeting the trends and culture of our day and time.  Regards."

"...I believe I would like to specialize in treating self-injury, as well as, provide training on the subject as my career continues to progress. I have a majority of your training materials and would be so glad if you would be able to accommodate or create a short-intensive "field training" such as an internship so that I may counsel/observe/experience/be trained etc from those whom I consider to be the founders of Self-Injury Treatment."



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